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With Popularp you can create all kinds of events for your role-playing games

Choose a category between Larp, Table Top RPG, Edu Larp, etc. Define a date and who can see the event. You can choose to invite any player on Popularp, or send an email invitation directly from the application.

With this project we want you to reach all the possible players interested in your events!

Manage your Campaign

Popularp also allows you to collect your campaigns and manage them better.
Create reports of your events, tell your players what happened
Collect all characters of your campaign and assign them to your players
Items & Maps
Collect all items, documentation and maps of your campaign

Find new Players

On Popularp you can find all players for your RPG or LARP events.

Search them through the map or let them find you by entering your city in your profile information.

They will be able to join your campaign right away!

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