Dunno what to write, I'll just make a list of my favourite characters among the ones I've played:
- Oredin Half-dwarf, the blacksmith warlord with its magically enhanced weapons;
- Xavisio Bluttemberg, the bard that had the gift of eternal youth, but ended up dying young;
- Nuruhuine Sinde, the young mad sorcerer, and his Cult of the White Dragon;
- Sael the monk, who did not fell like a hero, and thus ended up fighting them;
- Athneskon, the dwarf barbarian who seeked revenge for his people, and left for a quest for power;
- Lothar Augustin, the diligent inquisitor that learnt to value love over law, and sacrificed himself three times in his war against chaos;
- Red-teeth Gnash, the gnoll who showed the world that even the most chaotic being can turn into a good guy;
- Arvid Karlsson, the young researcher who was so obsessed by the aincent legend of the God of Ice to turn into his Messiah;
- Zihao Ukura, the noble demon slayer whose eldritch weapon was both a blessing and a curse;
- and Galadir Sanju, the annoying teen elf who will try to earn his place in the Academy of High Sorcery.

Later I'll post one with the myriad of NPCs I've interpreted as a DM.